For years, researchers have been uncovering many of the mysteries associated with the aging process. Recently, a team of scientists made a big discovery that could pave the way for major anti-aging remedies.

Controlling the Aging Process

Researchers out of Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York stumbled onto a major revelation when they identified the exact region of the brain which seems to manage how and when we age. Even more significant, they were able to stunt the aging process by playing with a particular protein complex which helps to control this part of the brain.

Blocking NF-B Pathways

Responsible for numerous critical bodily functions, the brain’s hypothalamus is a small structure, which manages everything from metabolism to growth to reproduction to aging. To see if they could alter the aging process in rodents, scientists manipulated “nuclear a special protein,” which plays a big role in preventing and promoting inflammation by influencing B cells (NF-B). By activating NF-B pathways within the rodents’ hypothalami, the scientists were able to speed the aging process, resulting in a serious reduction in size, strength, skin thickness and learning ability. Conversely, by blocking the NF-B pathway, they were able to significantly stunt the aging process, which resulted in a 20 percent increase in lifespan, as well as more robust physical characteristics which are usually only found in younger rodents.

Big Implications

This new research has generated excitement in the scientific community, with many calling it groundbreaking and brilliant. As researchers acquire a better understanding of how and why we age, they encroach on potential treatments which could help humans live longer and look younger. Sadly, the vast majority of us won’t live long enough to enjoy these anti-aging remedies, which aren’t likely to be made available for many years.

Looking Younger Today

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