Just like your teeth, your dentures need to be carefully taken care of and cleaned in order to remain in good condition. And just like with your real teeth, dentures can build up mineral deposits, stains, and plaque that make them unattractive and smelly and even harbor bacteria dangerous to your gum health. Professional cleanings can keep your dentures clean and attractive, and help maintain them and prevent damage so that you can use them for their full lifespan. And if your dentures do become damaged or stop fitting as well as they used to, a visit to the dentist can give them the opportunity to make adjustments or repairs to the dentures.

Your Teeth Aren’t the Only Things In Your Mouth

When you visit the dentist for a cleaning and checkup, your teeth aren’t the only things your dentist is checking up on. Your dental visit includes an oral cancer screening, to help spot the disease in its early stages to prevent spread. You don’t need teeth to develop oral cancer, so it’s still an important thing to look out for. In fact, poorly fitting dentures have been shown to increase cancer risk, so this is twice the reason to make sure you’re seeing your dentist regularly. Your gums also have just as much risk of gum disease without teeth as they had with teeth. Gum disease can be treated, but only if you know you have it! The early symptoms can be easy to miss, since they can seem minor at first, so it’s important to give your dentist a chance to spot the disease before it worsens. This is especially important considering that gum disease has been linked to increased risk of heart disease, among other serious illnesses. Speaking of gums, your dentures don’t just float inside your mouth — they’re supported by your gum tissues and the jawbone underneath. Since this isn’t how your gums are meant to be used, dentures can sometimes cause pain or damage to your gums. Regular visits to your dentist can ensure that any effects your dentures are having are noted and dealt with if necessary.

Are Dentures Still the Right Choice?

Seeing your dentist consistently can also keep you open to and aware of other options, in case of dentures are no longer the right choice for you. While the Denture Fountain of Youth® provides unparalleled comfort and stability in comparison to other types of dentures, you may decide you want a more permanent solution, like dental implants. Only your dentist will be able to inform you on the pros and cons of a decision like that, and keep you up-to-date on your oral health and the technology available to improve it. Do you have dentures in Blue Bell, PA? Call (610) 272-0828 or contact us online to make an appointment.