Over the years, our skin can age in various ways, resulting in fine lines, rough texture, wrinkles and more. While aging happens for several reasons, new research indicates that it really begins when our regenerative abilities decline.

Limited Stem Cells

woman with wrinkly face and no teeth shows off her grinOver the years, our skin starts to look older, thanks to the loss of subcutaneous fat, collagen and elasticity. Now, a new study indicates that stem cells play a big part in starting this natural decline. Published in Nature Scientific Reports, the research suggests that our skin starts to age significantly once we lose our regenerative stem cells, which remain dormant until physical damage calls them into action.

Aging More Gracefully

According to these recent findings, each time our skin becomes damaged, stem cells spring into action and effectively repair it. Over the years, however, we run out of these cells. Once this occurs, our skin cannot repair itself and we’re forced to live with irreparable damage.

If this study is right, we can slow the natural course of aging by avoiding cigarettes, UV rays, unhealthy foods and other things that cause damage to our skin. This way, we can save our restorative stem cells for as long as possible.

You Can’t Unring a Bell

If we could go back in time, we’d all make wiser choices that would translate into better tomorrows. Sadly, most of us have already irreparably harmed our skin in some way. That said, there are some things a few of us can do to regain a more youthful look.

Many people are shocked to find out that their dentures are making them look much older than they really are. Because they offer little support to overlying facial tissue, traditional dentures create a sunk-in look, resulting in jowls, chin wrinkles and more. Fortunately, Dr. Siegel offers his patients the Denture Fountain of Youth® which provide a more youthful look by making skin look fuller and more attractive. To learn more, contact his office today.