When we think of children and the possible health conditions that they may face, conditions such as chicken pox, asthma, the flu, and other common problems more than likely come to mind. However, it is rare that we’d think about sleep apnea or some other type of sleep disorder when considering health problems that adolescents may face. While it doesn’t seem highly likely, children, just as adults, can suffer from sleep apnea and other sleep disorders that cause sleep disturbances. Sleep disturbances during the adolescence phase may cause possible long term consequences, especially since this stage of life is when the body is growing and changing both socially, physically, and physiologically.

In growing adolescents, the sleep cycle is already changing as children tend to go to sleep later and sleep longer into the morning. Combined with other changing factors, the sleep cycle obviously takes on an entirely new schedule. However, sleep disturbances in adolescents may prove to bring about long-term consequences. Studies show that the less sleep both children and adults get, the less they are able to moderate emotional responses when compared to subjects who slept for longer.

Sleep disturbances obviously play a role in mood and emotional function which means that sleep disorders such as sleep apnea can easily be linked to mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. A lack of quality and quantity of sleep too has been linked to poor performance in school in adolescents, which too can be explained by a common lack of energy and concentration when sleep levels are low.

With a sleep study, patients can be properly diagnosed which means that proper treatment can be prescribed. Dr. Siegel can provide effective sleep apnea treatment that prevents any sleep disturbances that could lead to future problems. Contact our office by phone or through email to schedule a sleep apnea treatment consultation with Dr. Siegel.