Years ago, medical experts didn’t really know much about the power of sleep; however, over the years, research has pulled back a large portion of the veil. Now we know that sleep plays a big role in keeping us healthy and able as we age, and it all starts while we are very young.

Boosting Memory

A study out of York and Sheffield Hallam universities indicates that sleep helps boost learning and language skills in kids by enhancing their abilities to remember. To reach their findings, researchers recruited a group of children between the ages of 7 and 12 and split them into two classes: a morning group and an evening group. Over a period of several days, the researchers taught the kids several made-up words. Twelve hours later, they asked the kids to recall the words; interestingly, children from the morning group had a much harder time remembering when compare to the kids that learned the new information closer to bedtime.

Sleep Important for Adults

While interesting, this latest study is but a drop in a bucket of mounting evidence that shows how sleep impacts our lives. Past research has linked inadequate sleep to all sorts of health problems in adults, from dementia to diabetes to cancer, cardiovascular disease and more.

What it Means for Sleep Apneics

As the evidence mounts, more and more Americans are making lifestyle choices that encourage better sleep. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible for people who have sleep apnea.

Breathing difficulties plague sleep apneics, causing them to awaken several times throughout the night. The right sleep treatment can stop these disruptions, but only when sufferers reach out for help. Don’t put your health at risk; contact Dr. Siegel to learn how oral appliance therapy can help you take back your life.