If you’re running late for work or snoozing your alarm, a few minutes can pass in the blink of an eye. But for some reason, brushing your teeth for the recommended two to three minutes can seem to drag on. Unfortunately, grown ups just have to deal with this kind of bland daily task. But for kids, there may be a way to make brushing your teeth more exciting: A new “gaming toothbrush” called Grush.

Make Brushing Fun for Kids

Grush is pretty simple: It’s a regular toothbrush that doubles as a game controller. But instead of pressing buttons and using thumbsticks to control the game, kids have to move the motion-sensitive, bluetooth brush around in their mouths to play the game. Kids can choose from three games. In the first, Monster Chase, your toothbrush is the weapon used to vanquish tiny monsters invading a cartoon plant’s toothy mouth. This game also makes it easy to explain to kids how bacteria — real “monsters” in the mouth — can threaten oral health. In the second game, Toothy Orchestra, your toothbrush’s movements control a conductor’s wand as you guide an invisible orchestra through performing a song. In the third game, Brush a Pet, your brushing movements allow you to groom various animals. The games not only keep kids entertained while they’re brushing, but their score indicates whether or not they did an effective job brushing their teeth. But Grush isn’t just for kids; it’s also a powerful tool for parents. The app automatically sends brushing information to the Grush dashboard, accessible by parents. This way, parents will know when their kids are brushing, and how well they’re doing. No more checking the toothbrush to see if it’s wet!

How Important is Tooth Brushing?

Parents are responsible for their child’s health, and oral health is no different. Just as parents can protect their child’s teeth by helping them develop a healthy diet, they must also raise children to understand the importance of good oral hygiene. No matter if you’re six or 60, regular oral hygiene needs to be a top priority. Without brushing and flossing effectively and consistently, you become more susceptible to everything from bad breath to gum disease to tooth loss. And those problems aren’t limited to your mouth: Oral health problems have also been tied to a variety of overall health problems, such as rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. While a gaming toothbrush might be enough to motivate a child to brush, for adults, it’s important to recognize that oral health isn’t a game. Your oral health is strongly tied to your overall health, and your teeth and gums need to be cared for just as carefully as the rest of your body. There are smart toothbrushes for adults, but they’re less game-oriented. On the other hand, many adults enjoy video games as much as kids, so maybe it would be smart to give adults the option. If you need an oral hygiene refresher course, talk to your dentist at your next cleaning. Your Blue Bell, PA dentist can remind you of the frequency with which you should be brushing and flossing, and provide you with recommendations for the techniques and products you use. Call us at (610) 272-0828 or contact us online to make an appointment.