Studies show that the average Millennial will take more than 25,000 photos of themselves during their lifetime! This means the people of today don’t need to look in a mirror to see themselves smile — and they’re seeing their own faces more than ever before.

Selfies can make you happier

The Surprising Benefit of Selfies

Though many are quick to shame selfies as vain, scientists at the University of California, Irvine have found a good reason to be pro-selfie: Studies show that regularly taking selfies and sharing them with friends can make you measurably happier. But is it really that simple? The selfie study is far from the first scientific study designed to measure how our happiness is tied to our looks. One study found that more than 19 million people believe their self confidence could be improved with dental work to beautify their smile. Snapping photos of their own smile is the last thing people want to do if they’re unhappy with their teeth. Around 1.25 million people even said that their unattractive smile has prevented them from laughing or smiling as much as they’d like.

Get a Selfie-Worthy Smile

So how can those millions who worry about the beauty of their smile gain that selfie-driven happiness boost? Blue Bell cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kenneth Siegel, is here to help you determine what cosmetic dentistry procedures will give you the smile you wish you had. Crooked teeth are a common reason for people to be unhappy with their smile. But many believe that it’s too late to straighten their smile (don’t worry, it’s not), or are shy of the years that it could take to straighten teeth with braces. That’s why Blue Bell’s Six Month Smiles are so popular. These braces feature wires that are tooth-colored to make them less visible, so they won’t disrupt your life. And in just six months, you’ll have the straight teeth you’ve been dreaming of! Is it yellow teeth that are keeping you from showing off your smile? Blue Bell offers teeth whitening options to suit everyone, from one-hour whitening to kits you can use at home. And if it’s a chipped tooth, an unattractive gap, or a too-small tooth that stands out, porcelain veneers can correct a stray problem tooth or two, or even your whole smile! Blue Bell dentist Dr. Kenneth Siegel really can solve any problem that’s stopping you from showing the world your smile. Take the next step to improving your confidence — so you can snap selfies to your heart’s content! Contact us at (610) 272-0828 or online to learn how a cosmetic dentist can give you the smile you want.