beautiful flowers growing in a field Tooth injuries are a year-round hazard, but they can be at their worst in the spring. As you emerge from your winter hibernation and start engaging in your energetic outdoor activities, your teeth may be at risk for chips, cracks, and worse.

Here’s why things are particularly bad in the spring.

Your Reflexes Are Sluggish

If your primary athletic activity this winter has been armchair quarterbacking, your reflexes have likely dulled a bit. Your brain, though, thinks they’re still where they used to be. This can lead to a lot of situations where you try to pull off a maneuver and it doesn’t quite work, and, as a result you eat pavement. Or turf. Or take an elbow. In all these cases, your teeth can take the brunt of the damage.

Your Teamwork Is a Little Rusty

The best teams work like a well-oiled machine, with everyone working together in precise, well-matched motions because everyone is thinking the same thing at the same time. But if you haven’t been playing with your team all winter, there’s a lot more miscommunication, and that can lead to tooth injuries.
Whether you’re playing baseball or ultimate frisbee, miscommunication can put your teeth at risk.

More People More Problems

But even if you’re not in any team sports, your teeth are at an increased risk of injury during the spring. Just like you, many other people are emerging from their winter hibernation and getting out to the park, which means more runners, more bicyclists,even more walkers and dogs on leashes. All this can lead to collisions on the running path plus opportunities to trip, slip, or fall.

Protect Your Teeth or Repair Them

If you don’t like the prospect of damaged teeth this spring, make sure you have a professional mouthguard that can make sure your teeth are safe.

And if you do chip, crack, or knock out a tooth, follow emergency steps and see a cosmetic dentist right away. Solutions like dental bonding and porcelain veneers can make your smile look great again.

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