People everywhere are worried about their self-image, including how their crooked teeth might be perceived by others. Often, those with jagged or crooked teeth will go out of their ways to cover up a smile using their lips or talk with their mouths slightly closed to avoid anyone knowing what their teeth look like. Others will spend the money on cosmetic dental work to fix their crooked teeth. Unfortunately, people have been known to form opinions based on minor imperfections, such as crooked teeth. This is especially true during social situations, such as a job interview or a first date; and these opinions can leave lasting first impressions.

Smiles and teeth are one of the most important features that stand out during first impressions, according to a recent perception study conducted by Kelton of Invisalign. Kelton explored the opinions and assumptions that people gain from first impressions based on personal appearance, and found that those who possess straighter teeth were more associated with success, intelligence, popularity and good general health.

First Dates and Job Interviews Affected by Teeth Alignment

Kelton’s study also found that those who have straighter teeth were 57 percent more likely to win a first date on a dating site from their picture alone than those who possess crooked teeth. Straight teeth were more associated with current or future success; while those with crooked teeth were associated with bad overall health and not as much success. The study showed that those who have straight teeth were thought to be more trustworthy and were assumed to be more popular and having a better personality than those with crooked or jagged teeth, regardless of who they actually were as people.

Unfortunately, personal appearances influence the way we are perceived. If you are embarrassed or self-conscious about your crooked or jagged teeth and are worried about first impressions, you are not alone. There are plenty of cosmetic dentistry options available, such as Six Month Braces or clear braces, that can give you a lovely smile. Call or email Dr. Siegel’s dental office to schedule a consultation.