We all know that our teeth affect the way others perceive us. Generally, we accept that men tend to prefer women who have straight smiles and vice versa. That being said, new research indicates that the advantages go far beyond that.

Teeth Matter

Research conducted by Invisalign recently demonstrated the importance of straight, attractive smiles, when it comes to the way people perceive us. AFter surveying more than 1,000 people, researchers demonstrated that Americans associate straight teeth with happiness, success and hireability. Additionally, the study demonstrated the following:

  • Around 33 percent of respondents said they always notice teeth first when meeting new people, with about 25 percent saying teeth are the number one thing they think of when they remember someone.
  • People with straight smiles are 21 percent more likely to be viewed as happy, 47 percent more likely to be seen as healthy and 38 percent more likely to be viewed as smart.
  • People who have straight smiles are also 58 percent more likely to be perceived as wealthy and/or successful.

Accepting Reality

From an early age, we’re taught to accept our flaws. While this is good advice, it shouldn’t hold us back from making improvements that can help us get ahead and enjoy more fulfilling lives. While straight teeth may not promise happiness, research has clearly demonstrated that they can give us an advantage in many professional and social arenas.

In the real world, teeth matter. That being said, many people avoid traditional braces, because they think they look unattractive or immature. On the other hand, clear braces can straighten teeth inconspicuously, allowing adults to attain the smile of their dreams without disrupting their lives. To learn more, contact Dr. Siegel at his Blue Bell dental office.

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