Depending on the patient, a trip to the dentist can be quick and simple. On the other hand, some patients may require a more complex procedure that takes time and requires the use of highly advanced technical equipment, such as lasers. The use of lasers in the dental world continues to grow, as the benefits of using such technology become even more beneficial for both the dentist and the patient. Lasers cause much less blood loss, smaller and more precise incisions, and promote healing much better and quicker than non-laser incisions. Many patients also say that lasers cause much less pain and discomfort.

One of the most recent breakthroughs in the laser world is Tech4Med’s hard and soft tissue laser that can be used during a variety of dental procedures. Dr. Siegel has opted to use this new laser in his office to ensure that patients undergo dental procedures that are only completed using the finest technologies available today. This new laser offers two different wavelengths that can be used during a procedure. Because certain body tissues interact differently depending on the laser source, the versatility of the Tech4Med allows for quicker more efficient procedures.

The hard and soft tissue laser offered by Tech4Med is a universal laser and can be used to perform a variety of dental procedures. The laser offers a selectively-absorbed, deeper-penetrating wavelength, along with the most highly-absorbed type of laser wavelength. Having two different wavelengths allows Dr. Siegel to complete a variety of procedures without having to use different lasers. Instead, the one Tech4Med laser can be used exclusively. This speeds the treatment process and cuts down on the amount of time a patient needs to spend in the office.

Dr. Siegel uses some of today’s most advanced dental technology and equipment in his office to ensure that patients have the best dental experience possible. With the addition of the Tech4Med hard and soft tissue laser, Dr. Siegel aims to make every patient’s visit as comfortable as possible. To learn more about the technologies we use, call or email our office today.