The dental industry is an ever-evolving field. Product manufacturers always come up with new game-changing products with each passing year. The latest technological advancements offer modern solutions to traditional dental problems. Nowadays, dental trips have become efficient, less painful, and more reliable. 

Technology is bringing new ways to diagnose dental conditions and efficient treatment. Cutting-edge dental treatment means fewer patient cavities and a lessened risk of periodontal infections.

Below are some of the latest dental care procedures and techniques modern dentists use in their practices.

Cone Beam

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) differs from traditional CT scans. Dentists use the non-invasive and advanced method to create a three-dimensional mouth image. The technique exposes dental patients to lower radiation levels and captures detailed images of the soft tissues.

CBCT scans can also track how new dental implants integrate with the jawbone. They provide a more detailed view than a standard x-ray, and the 3D images give dentists a better look at the fusion process.

Dr. Ken Siegel and his Blue Bell, PA team at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell recommend that  patients get annual CBCT scans. These scans give a clear image of the mouth and can help to identify any problems. The problems may be tooth decay, gum disease, or bone loss.

Digital Impressions

Sitting and waiting for the impression material to set is a headache for many people. Rejoice, the agony is over; digital dental impressions are innovating how dentists map patients’ teeth. 

Dentists can use optical scanning devices to create a replica of the patient’s mouth. An added advantage is that the virtual model can be captured by a series of photographs or digital videos. The video or images are then sent to a lab to construct restoration models such as dentures and crowns.

The primary benefit of dental impressions is the created crowns and bridges can fit accurately on the teeth. The other advantage is eliminating the chemical-based processes surrounding traditional dental impressions. Three hoorays for innovation! 

Certified Laser Dentistry

Most dental patients dread the numbing shots before teeth drilling. The good news, though, is there are better options on the horizon. Laser dentistry treats many dental conditions. The procedure offers a more comfortable and superior treatment option than drills and scalpels.

Laser dentistry uses light energy to diagnose and treat many dental problems. The process is safe on soft and hard tissues, such as gums, teeth, and the jaw. The benefits of laser dentistry include: 

  • Reduced bleeding and swelling
  • Reduced risk of teeth cracks 
  • Fewer and shorter dental visits
  • Say goodbye to dental drills

During dental procedures, the laser cuts through the tissue it comes in contact with. It also acts as a heat source in teeth-whitening procedures and enhances the effect of tooth-bleaching agents.

Only a qualified and professional dentist with an educational background in laser dentistry should perform the above mentioned procedure.


Touted as the modern dentist’s magic wand, the Lightwalker combines high-speed pulses of water and laser energy to remove unwanted tissues in the mouth. This versatile piece of dental technology has a broad range of applications. 

The Lightwalker removes tooth decay and prepares cavities for fillings. It can also reshape gums and be used on other dental soft-tissue procedures.

Due to its accuracy and precision, the LightWalker allows dentists to remove damaged tissue precisely without harming the surrounding areas. Other benefits of the Lightwalker include:

  • Shorter and more effective treatments
  • Minimal pain and bleeding 
  • Reduced hairline cracks caused by drills
  • Non-invasive therapy and fast healing of the gums

The modern dental treatment utilizes fewer invasive methods while focusing on preventive interventions. Dental technology provides dentists with improved accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. Switching from traditional to digital dentistry will result in shortened dental visits.

To understand how dental technology can impact your life in Blue Bell, PA, make an appointment with Dr. Ken Siegel at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell. Our modern dental treatment will decrease your anxiety and improve your overall teeth treatment experience.