In the past, if people didn’t get their teeth straightened with orthodontics during their teenage years, they resigned themselves to living with crooked teeth, but not any more. There is an increasing trend of adults getting braces to straighten their teeth. There are many reasons why Americans are looking to straighten their teeth as adults more and more these days.

People Appreciate the Benefits More When They’re Older

As teens, some of us reject braces because they seem like more trouble than they’re worth. The difficulty of dealing with braces for a time seems like it outweighs the benefits.

But as adults, we begin to appreciate the hygiene and health benefits of having straight teeth. We also appreciate how straighter teeth can open doors for us, and know that the business and social benefits are numerous.

We also have a better sense of proportion. For teenagers, this year seems like it may be your entire life, so any sacrifice that might interfere with it may seem too much. However, as adults, we know that this year is just one year, and that there are many more years to come in which we can appreciate the benefits.

Movin on Up

Even in this tough economy, many of us are upwardly mobile. Although our parents may not have had the money to get our teeth fixed when we were teens, we’ve gone out, gotten educated, gotten a good job and a couple of promotions and now we have some money we’re looking to invest in ourselves.

And there are few better investments than a healthy and attractive smile.

The Bar Has Been Raised

It used to be that even celebrities on TV and in movies had flawed smiles. They were more likely to have crooked teeth, small teeth, chipped or discolored teeth.

But now that has all changed. We are more likely to see perfect smiles on TV and in movies, which makes it harder for us to live with the flaws in our own smiles. And it’s not just movie stars, either, advancements in cosmetic dentistry have made it more accessible to everyone, so we’re more likely to be seeing perfect smiles on our friends, too.

The Options Are Better

And not only has cosmetic dentistry made braces more accessible, it’s made them more advanced so that you have options to get an attractive smile in a shorter time frame and more comfortably.

Options like Six Month Smiles, which uses a variation on traditional braces–clear brackets and white wires–to give you a straight smile in six months, as opposed to the year or two traditional braces sometimes took. And clear braces allow you to get the same results with removable clear plastic aligners.

What’s Your Reason?

Have you decided that the time is right for you to get your teeth straightened? We’d love to hear your reasons and help you find the right braces for you.

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