Chronic jaw pain, facial pain, neck pain, migraines and even tingling in the extremities are all conditions linked to TMJ disorder, a problem that occurs when the jaw joint is not properly balanced or aligned. This problem is commonly caused by a bad bite that has yet to be corrected. But would you ever believe that a problem within the jaw joint could potentially be deadly? Meet Vickie Heisler, a TMJ sufferer who nearly died due to problems with her jaw.

Vickie’s Story

One day Vickie and her husband were eating a steak dinner. Steak, of course, requires plenty of chewing; however, as Vickie chewed, her TMJ caused her jaw to lock up, which stopped her ability to open and close her mouth. The piece of steak she was chewing became lodged in her throat and compromised her breathing. Luckily, her husband was able to finally dislodge the piece of food which saved her life.

TMJ Requires Treatment

Vickie’s story proves that TMJ disorder isn’t a health condition to simply ignore. If you suffer from symptoms commonly associated with TMJ, now is the time to seek treatment.

Though you may not think that TMJ could ever cause you to choke on food and possibly die; Vickie Heisler’s story should be the push you need to visit a dentist that is skilled and experienced in treating TMJ disorder. If you are interested in learning more about TMJ and the available treatments; Dr. Siegel is the dentist you need. Patients can call or email our office to schedule a TMJ consultation. Say goodbye to the chronic pain, aches and the risks associated with TMJ. Get help today.