Most doctors agree that CPAP is effective for people who have the ability to tolerate it. That said, numerous patients cannot cope with the frustrating noises, sense of claustrophobia and pressure sores typically associated with CPAP technology.

If you’ve watched T.V. of late, you may have noticed an advertisement promoting a CPAP business that claims to offer members fresh mail-order masks via postal mail every 30 days. According to the commercial, since these masks are flexible and new, they won’t leak as much – which supposedly means they are able to quiet the maddening noises that often come along with CPAP-use.

Will they really work?

Because these masks can’t be tailored to each patient’s individual facial contours, they aren’t likely to have a great impact on the disturbing nightly noises associated with every other CPAP mask. Even if a patient is fortunate enough to get a mask that fits his or her face well, the product won’t have any effect whatsoever on pressure sores or the general sense of claustrophobia that sometimes comes with CPAP-use.

Though CPAP may work for certain patients, it’s not for everyone. For a different treatment, contact Dr. Siegel's office today. Dr. Siegel provides personalized sleep apnea treatment tailored to each of his patient’s individual needs. Don’t put your trust in some anonymous far-away CPAP company; get personal attention from Dr. Siegel.