Whether your wedding is next year or next week, Dr. Kenneth Siegel, DMD can give you a gleaming white smile to match that white dress! There are two great options for making your pearly whites a little pearly whiter for the occasion. Come into the office for a one-hour teeth bleaching session that will leave you with a dramatically brighter smile. Zoom! Whitening only takes an hour, and it’s easy and painless. The Zoom! Whitening gel is specially formulated to react with a specific kind of light to create a chemical reaction with the organic compounds that are causing staining in your teeth. The pH balanced peroxide compound in Zoom! Whitening gel can make your teeth six to ten shades lighter immediately, meaning you’ll walk out of the dentist’s office with a significantly brighter, more beautiful smile than the one you walked in with! As opposed to the weeks or even months of time necessary for at-home whitening trays, this whitening method is so quick and effective that you could come in and have it done the day before your wedding. It’s perfect for people who are too busy to stick to a take-home routine, or if you need last-minute whitening. Of course, in-office whitening isn’t the best solution for everyone! Take-home whitening might take longer, but it can lighten teeth by up to sixteen shades, making it a more effective whitener overall than in-office treatments. We’re happy to offer the Kör Deep Bleaching System to patients interested in a deeper whitening experience. Plus, at-home treatments can be completed on your schedule, at your leisure, without requiring you to travel to the dentist for treatments. Perhaps the best solution for getting and maintaining white teeth is to combine both systems — get in-office treatments to kick start your whitening, and then maintain and improve the brightness of your smile with bleaching treatments performed at home. No matter what kind of whitening experience you’re looking for, make sure you have your whitest teeth on your wedding day. You’ll have more reason to smile than ever! Call us at (610) 272-0828 or request an appointment online to get started brightening your smile before the big day