You may think that normal dentists have it hard when it comes to providing proper care to their patients, but imagine having to take care of an elephant’s dental problems! A highly skilled veterinarian in India elected to provide proper dental care a 27-year-old elephant that was in desperate need of a root canal. Imagine having to live with the pain of a cavity for years! Though it is rare that you have of an animal receiving a root canal, the elephant’s tusk had a cavity that needed to be filled to relieve the elephant of the pain it was suffering from on a daily basis.

If you’ve ever had a root canal in the past, you know that the cavity has to be filled with some sort of substance that becomes hard and solid so that the tooth is sealed to avoid further problems. However, in the past, it seems that dentists weren’t too worried about what their patients would look like after the cavity problem was corrected. In fact, dentists in Philadelphia and allover the world are guilty of using amalgam fillings. These fillings stand out like no other especially when someone smiles because they are usually a silver or gold tone which doesn’t blend in with white teeth. Just imagine the elephant having his tusk filled with amalgam filling. How awkward would a white tusk look with a big piece of metal in it?

The same is true for patients who were treated with these fillings. Thankfully, a more aesthetic and less noticeable option has come into the picture. White fillings are now used at most dental offices, including those in and around the Philadelphia area. These fillings are completely discrete and it is rare that someone will be able to tell that you have them. White fillings make filling a cavity a breeze as you won’t have anything cosmetic to worry about!

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