sleep apnea. Sleep apnea that goes undetected and untreated has shown to have harmful effects on the body. Sleep apnea deprives the body of oxygen hundreds of times throughout the night, a phenomena that can lead to failing cardiovascular health, stroke, and even organ failure, all conditions that can lead to death.

Aside from physical repercussions, sleep apnea can also impact how our brains function. You’ve surely experienced a night where you just didn’t sleep well and you know that generally the next day you feel sluggish, tired, and lacking energy and the concentration you need to make it through the day. Now, imagine suffering from these sensations on a daily basis. Daytime drowsiness and an overall lack of energy and concentration are common in sleep apnea sufferers who don’t get the proper treatment. These problems become even more worrisome when certain workers, such as those who operate machinery or a vehicle, are suffering from them. Sleepy workers make not only the workplace unsafe, but any environment he/she occupies as well.

Take for instance a sleepy worker who works as a truck driver. Truck drivers drive back and forth across the country for a living. A sleepy truck driver is more than likely mentally fatigued and unable to concentrate on practicing safe driving skills; this goes for anyone who drives while sleep deprived. When full focus can not be put on driving, drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident that may cause harm to themselves and other motorists. In fact, such a situation occurred in New Jersey that prompted the state to pass “Maggie’s Law,” which allows for a sleep-deprived driver to be legally seen as a reckless driver, which opens the door for a variety of legal charges.

Fragmented sleep, daytime drowsiness, and the overall sensation of never feeling well-rested are often linked to sleeping disorders. If you find that you are suffering from any of these conditions, now is a great time to seek help and advice. Make time to undergo a sleep study to determine whether or not you are suffering from any type of sleep disorder. If you are found to have sleep apnea, Dr. Siegel can help you with sleep apnea treatment. With proper treatment, you will sleep properly at night and your symptoms will dissipate. This means you’ll work more efficiently and no longer be a danger to those around you. Contact our Blue Bell dental office to learn more.