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What’s Causing The Bad Taste In My Mouth

Having a bad taste in your mouth is a symptom you might be tempted to ignore. It’s a nuisance and can make it hard to enjoy your favorite foods, but it doesn’t seem serious. Unfortunately, this is a potentially very serious symptom.

A bad taste in your mouth, like bad breath, is often associated with […]

Root Canal vs Extraction: Pros and Cons

Tooth decay is a common dental problem that usually only requires a simple dental filling to treat. However, without early treatment, the tooth might become infected and require more invasive treatment to restore the tooth back to full health. When your tooth becomes infected, there comes a choice you have to make: a root canal […]

5 Tips to Reduce the Damage of Soda on Your Teeth

There’s no surprise that soda is one of the most popular drink choices of Americans. Nearly 50% of Americans consume soda daily. The good news is that consumption has repeatedly declined over the past 15 years. If you’re someone who consumes soda regularly, you might not know about the damage it causes to your teeth. […]