Can a Pillow Cure Your Snoring?

Brookstone Anti-snoring PillowLike many other companies, Brookstone offers a special pillow that is supposed to alleviate snoring by promoting good sleeping posture. To see if it worked, KTRK-TV recruited Matthew Hall, a loyal viewer who suffers from constant snoring. Unfortunately, after two weeks of using the pillow, Hall found no relief, despite the manufacturer’s claims that the device is clinically proven to reduce snoring.

Getting Real About Snoring

In most cases, a simple pillow won’t be enough to silence snoring. Snoring can occur for different reasons; however, usually, patients find relief when they receive a treatment that opens the airways by repositioning the jaw. An oral appliance can provide significant, lasting relief from snoring by doing just that. Most people enjoy immediate relief when they receive their customized appliance; however, help won’t come unless snorers seek it.

Seeking Help

Snoring doesn’t have to disrupt your sleep and damage your relationship. That said, don’t expect to find relief until you take the time to reach out for help. To learn how you and your partner can enjoy quiet, noise-free nights, contact Dr. Siegel’s office. Don’t suffer needlessly, when relief is just a phone call away. Call or email Dr. Siegel today.]]>