CariVuThe CariVu cavity detection system is a new tool for looking not just at your teeth, but literally inside them to see whether you have any decay. By shining a bright light into your enamel, the CariVu system illuminates your tooth from the inside, allowing us to distinguish healthy tooth tissue from that which has been damaged by decay, stress, or trauma. This new tool can allow us to get another perspective on suspicious areas that may show up on x-rays, which means we can do a better job than ever at detecting decay in its early stages.

This page contains background information about the CariVu system, but if you want to learn how it can help you, please call

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How CariVu Works

CariVu has a hand piece that fits over your tooth. This hand piece shines bright light directly into the tooth. A digital camera on the unit sends data to our computer so we can put it up on the monitor.

In the image, healthy tooth enamel shows off its translucency and appears as a pale ghost, but damaged or decayed enamel is a dark color, showing off as a darker grey or black. This technology can be used in your routine dental checkup to examine concerning but indistinct findings on your x-rays.

Benefits of CariVu

CariVu literally shines a light on diagnostic problems that have plagued dentists for years. How can we detect cavities and damage to the tooth in areas we cannot see, let alone touch? CariVu brings the entire volume of the tooth into view, allowing us to more accurately diagnose tooth damage than ever before.

CariVu allows us to:

  • See lesions inside the tooth
  • Illuminate damage that exists between teeth
  • Immediately capture useful images of the tooth
  • Image without radiation
  • Get additional views of suspected damage
  • Catch small lesions in hard-to-see places
  • Be sure treatment is necessary before work begins

CariVu is an ideal complement to diagnostic x-rays, and is in many ways better than the previous cavity detection system DIAGNOdent, which only works on surfaces where the laser can touch.

At Dental Excellence of Blue Bell in Philadelphia, we offer many forms of advanced dental technology to ensure we are obtaining the most accurate diagnosis possible. To learn more about how our technology can benefit you, please contact us today for an appointment.