Crack and Diet Soda Harm Our Teeth in Similar Ways: Research

Meth, Crack and Diet Soda?A new study suggests that sugar-free sodas are especially harmful to our teeth. Appearing in General Dentistry magazine, the research showed that diet sodas actually contain more enamel-dissolving acid than do sugary sodas. In fact, these beverages are so acidic; researchers say they negatively impact teeth just about as bad as crack cocaine or methamphetamine.

Why the Comparison?

According to the researchers who conducted this study, crack cocaine and methamphetamine damage teeth by limiting saliva production, which prevents the mouth from rinsing away harmful bacteria. In a similar process, they say diet soda floods the mouth with so much acid, it overwhelms saliva to the point where it cannot do its normal job.

Making Smart Choices

Tooth decay is a major issue that can have big implications. After a while, untreated cavities can develop into major dental problems which demand costly, painful treatments. To maintain good dental health, avoid sodas in all forms. Additionally, schedule regular dental cleanings and checkups to make sure minor issues don’t balloon into major problems.

The Quicker, the Better

When caught early, cavities are easy to treat using dental sealants which prevent bacteria from entering the tooth’s root. Sadly, most people don’t even know they have cavities until problems develop or a dentist tells them. Don’t wait until it’s too late; to ensure that your teeth are cavity free, contact Dr. Siegel to schedule a dental cleaning and checkup.]]>