Dr. Ken Siegel believes in staying at the forefront of dentistry. He studies each new dental technology he encounters and asks the question: will this help my patients? If it will, he purchases it. As a result, we equip our office with many of the latest advances in dental technology in order to provide you with the most efficient, accurate and comfortable treatment possible.

Blue Bell Implant dentist Dr. Ken Siegel with our 3d imaging machine


Our low-radiation dental CT scanner provides detailed panoramic and 360-degree, 3D views of all your oral structures. This data allows Dr. Siegel to provide a precise diagnosis and lay out an effective treatment plan.


Dr. Siegel uses a hard tissue laser to help remove decay, as well as old crowns and veneers, without the need for shots. He also uses it to provide minimally invasive fillings and gum and bone treatments.

Dr. Ken Siegel with a hard tissue laser machine
Dr. Ken Siegel with his CEREC