Our Blue Bell Dental Office

There is surely no shortage of dental offices in Philadelphia or anywhere else in the country. As the population grows, there is always a growing need for dentists along with other health professionals who can provide the needed assistance when it comes to keeping our bodies healthy. Because of the large number of dental offices available to you, you may be wondering how you decide on just one. Like most choices you make, you’ll want to narrow down your options based on a set list of criteria. Below are some things to look for in the dental office that you choose:

  1. Does the dental office appear to be clean and neat?
  2. Is the dental staff welcoming, friendly, and helpful?
  3. How reputable is the dental office?
  4. Does the dentist have proper experience, education, and a personality you can mesh with?
  5. Are there any financing or payment plans offered?
  6. What types of services are available to you?

Keep these criteria in mind and always add more to the list of “must-haves” when you are seeking the best possible dental office that you can consult for all of your dental needs. Contact us today to learn more about Dental Excellence of Blue Bell.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

Like all other fields, dental technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. However, many dentists don’t feel the need to upgrade their technology. On the other hand, some dentists love to get every shiny new gadget. They want to show it off as soon as they get it, even if it’s mostly shine and doesn’t really help patients.

Dr. Ken Siegel believes in staying at the forefront of dentistry. He studies each new technology he encounters. But he doesn’t bring every one into his office. Instead, he asks the question: will this help my patients? If it will, he purchases it. We offer many great technologies that offer better results and a better experience for our patients. CT scans at our office lead to better root canal therapy and better implant treatments. We offer “painless” injections and NuCalm drug-free relaxation dentistry. Less discomfort and more relaxation set our experience apart.

Make Us Your Go to Dental Office!

Front of officeHere at our dental office we are sure to meet all of your needs and expectations as a patient and as a person. We are well aware of what patients look for in a dental office and we surely meet all of the criteria and more! Check out what our current patients have to say. Dr. Siegel and his staff always value creating long-lasting relationships with our patients that last for years to come. We want to each every one of our patients to continue to come to our dental office for any of their dental needs! From routine cleanings to TMJ treatment, teeth whitening, dental implants, braces, and other cosmetic dentistry procedures, you can always count on our dental practice for high quality service paired with a friendly and caring environment.

Dr. Siegel and his staff know the importance of proper dental health and are always available to answer any questions, concerns, or problems that you may have. To ask a question, voice a concern, or to get more information on a procedure, simply contact our Philadelphia dental office online or by phone by calling (610) 200-6290.