Denture Stabilization in Blue Bell

Denture Stabilization in Blue Bell

Tired of Loose Lower Dentures?

Denture wearers frequently have trouble with their lower dentures as they tend to move around a lot more than upper dentures. This is because the floor of the mouth, the cheeks and the tongue can move the lower denture around when a person is eating or speaking. Add in the fact that lower dentures lack the false palate that helps suction the upper denture in place, and it becomes all too easy for a lower denture to slip or fall out when a denture wearer eats, speaks or sneezes.

Removable, Snap-In Dentures Are the Solution

Dr. Siegel solves this problem with denture stabilization using dental implants. He secures a “snap-in denture” onto just two to four implants. Special attachments on the implants allow you to snap this denture in and out of place whenever you want. This not only provides stability for the denture, but also greatly increases your chewing power.


Stabilizing an Upper Denture

Dr. Siegel can also stabilize an upper denture using this same technique. By stabilizing an upper denture to implants, your chewing power is increased, and the false palate is no longer needed. Without a false palate covering the roof of your mouth, you can better taste your food!

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