Why Traditional Dentures Make You Look Older

When we’re young, our face develops as a whole. Muscles, bones, skin, teeth, and other tissues mature in harmony with one another, creating a youthful balance that defines the appearance of a youthful face.

Over time, however, the balance begins to shift. Your teeth wear down and are eventually lost. Once your teeth are gone, the body begins to remove bone from your jaw. This combination leads to an imbalance in your face. Now there is no longer enough hard tissue in the lower third of your face to support the soft tissue, which begins to sag. This leads to many of the common signs of aging, such as:

  • Hanging skin under the neck (turkey neck or turkey wattle)
  • Folds and wrinkles around the mouth
  • Puffy neck or double chin
  • Sunken lips and cheeks
  • Hanging jowls

To reverse these signs of aging, a denture should replace the full height and volume of your lost teeth and bones. However, the traditional denture process doesn’t measure what this height and volume are supposed to be. At best, traditional dentures replace the height of your teeth before they were lost, not the full height and volume of your teeth when you were young.

Plus, the poor fit of traditional dentures means that the teeth have to be set back further in your mouth. This makes your lips and cheeks sink in.

FOY® Dentures are different. Using a special fitting process, Dr. Siegel can “read” the proper dimensions of your dentures from your facial structure. This means that your FOY® Dentures will restore your face to its youthful proportion. This can reduce or eliminate many signs of facial aging.

Before dentures