Improper Teeth Whitening – The Dangers

Safety Risks Of Teeth Whitening Outside Of A Dental OfficeNon-dental professionals, found in a variety of places including mall kiosks and beauty shops, provide teeth whitening services. However, many of the products used at these locations use chlorine dioxide at highly unsafe levels which can result in damaged teeth and burned gums. Products that have a 38% or higher hydrogen peroxide content are extremely strong and when used improperly, burn the gum off of the oral bones and teeth. Remember that stains and tooth discoloration are something that we all have to face in life. If you want to restore your smile to one that is whiter and brighter, teeth whitening provided by a professional and licensed dentist, such as Dr. Siegel, can provide you with the results you want. Contact our office today for a teeth whitening appointment to revamp your smile!]]>