Laser Dentistry

Periodontal Therapy

Before utilizing the LightWalker laser, Dr. Siegel first uses an ultrasonic scaling device and small dental instruments to remove tartar build-up, which is one of the biggest causes of gum inflammation and bleeding. He then uses the laser to direct a small amount of light energy through a very small conductive filament placed between the gum and tooth. Using only water and light, the laser removes a tiny amount of the diseased tissues painlessly along with any bacteria that may cause gum disease. The small laser is able to penetrate deep into pockets between the gums and teeth, ensuring that bacteria have no place to hide.

Root Canal Treatments

An important procedure that can save a damaged or infected tooth that might otherwise become lost, root canal treatments can make people nervous. Traditionally, noisy drills are used to access a tooth’s pulp; however, Dr. Siegel uses the LightWalker laser to accomplish this. Since the LightWalker laser doesn’t vibrate like a dental drill, patients experience substantially less discomfort and anxiety during root canal procedures. Additionally, once the tooth is “opened,” he continues to utilize the laser to effectively clean its interior. Thanks to laser dentistry technology, patients enjoy a faster, more comfortable experience which results in a cleaner tooth that’s less likely to experience re-infection.

TMJ Therapy

MLS laser therapy is a powerful new treatment option for TMJ. This laser uses precise wavelengths that stimulate blood flow and can increase capillary growth in the treated area. The laser also helps the blood release oxygen more efficiently, and it stimulates the body’s energy factors to better process oxygen and energy. With better resources and more efficient utilization, the body heals faster. The soothing heat from the laser is a great way to decrease muscle pain, which is the leading cause of discomfort in TMJ.

This new, noninvasive treatment modality for TMJ gives us more options to offer relief for our patients. Because of the way it stimulates healing, too, the MLS doesn’t offer just short-term improvement, but long-lasting improvement for the condition.

How Can Laser Dentistry in Blue Bell Help You?

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