Martha Stewart Documents the New Dental Crown Process

Very Up Close & PersonalOn her blog, Martha Stewart lets us get very up close and personal with her crown fitting, sharing 17 pictures from the process taken, just like you might, on her phone. Because she had damage on a nearby tooth, she starts getting that filled. Although some of the description sounds like she had a ceramic filling placed, based on the way it was done, it was probably a resin composite tooth-colored filling. Next, they get to work on the dental crown. Although the tooth had previously been prepared for an old crown, which broke, it still has to be prepared for the new crown. This could be for many reasons. She might have had some old crown material that was still bonded to the tooth. Or it’s possible that there was some decay under the crown (it happens). Or maybe the dentist just wanted to reshape the tooth to improve the fit or prevent breakage of the new crown. At any rate, prep is usually a lot faster when you’re getting a new crown placed. Then it’s time to take impressions, which are done with a silicone plastic foam. A temporary crown is fitted. The dentist then uses bite registration material to make sure her bite is balanced. This is very important, because a dental crown that is poorly fitted has the potential to throw off your bite, putting you at risk for TMJ. Then it’s time to fit the temporary dental crown and Stewart goes home to wait for the new crown.

Almost Exactly What You’ll Get in Our Office

Looking at the process used for Martha Stewart’s crown, you can see it’s almost exactly the same process we use in our office. The main difference is that we can use CEREC to manufacture our crowns instead of sending them off to a lab, which means that you don’t have to wear a temporary crown if you don’t want to–you can get a permanent crown the same day. And CEREC has many other advantages, too. If you are in need of a dental crown and are looking for a standout cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia, please call (610) 272-0828 today for an appointment at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell.]]>