Dr. Kenneth Siegel has been recognized as being one of the top dentists in Blue Bell by the only people whose opinion really matters: our patients. We are proud to announce that we are the recipients of a 2016 Patients’ Choice Award announced by Opencare, a new portal that aims to link patients with quality care providers, including dentists.

How the Patients’ Choice Award Is Determined

patients-choice-winner-2016Unlike many awards, the Patients’ Choice Award is given based on the results of an algorithm rather than the discretion of judges. The algorithm determines a doctor’s Opencare score based on a number of different factors.

Most importantly, the score is derived from patient reviews from many third-party review sites, such as Google, Yelp, RateMDs, North 49, Yellow Pages, the Better Business Bureau, and Opencare’s own review platform. The algorithm looks not only at star ratings, but also compiles positive and negative comments as well as complaints made against a practice to get a more complete picture of just what makes a dentist special.

Then, only the top 25 scoring dentists in the area are selected to receive the honor of the Patients’ Choice Award.

The Patients’ Choice Award is central to Opencare’s mission. Founded in 2012, Opencare seeks to change the world of healthcare by connecting patients with great doctors of all types to help everyone receive the care they need from the best doctors available. The Opencare algorithm was developed by economics professor Dr. Ivan Medovikov at Brock University to help identify these providers because it can be very hard for patients to sort through all the reviews themselves to get a comprehensive sense of what level of care a doctor offers.

Although young, Opencare is the fastest-growing healthcare discovery platform in North America, with over 150,000 member doctors.

A Dentist Dedicated to Your Care

This award is just one of many pieces of evidence that shows how dedicated Dental Excellence of Blue Bell is to ensuring all our patients get optimal care, no matter what procedure they are seeking. He wants to ensure patients have a smile as healthy as it is beautiful. Dr. Siegel is dedicated to providing the same level of care for his general dentistry preventive patients as for people looking for a full cosmetic dentistry makeover. Whether you’re looking for headache and migraine relief or hoping for more comfortable dentures, Dr. Siegel is a dentist who will look out for you.

To learn for yourself what sets Blue Bell dentist Dr. Siegel apart, please call (610) 272-0828 for an appointment at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell.