Technology is just a tool, but in the hands of an experienced, expert dentist like Dr. Ken Siegel, the right tools can lead to better dentistry results: more attractive, more comfortable, and longer-lasting. Plus, it can make your experience more comfortable and convenient. Here’s a peek at some of the technologies we use at our office so you can understand the benefits they offer. 


Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) is similar to the CT technology your doctor uses, but it’s better for dentistry in several ways. The CBCT is focused on the region we’re interested in: the mouth, jaw, and head, allowing us to quickly and easily get information for dental implants and TMJ treatment. The focused imaging gives us greater resolution in this region for precise planning. 

Our CBCT is comfortable for patients. It’s got an open plan, so you don’t have the claustrophobic experience that people often complain about with medical CT scanners. As an additional bonus, the radiation dosage is very low.

X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation

The X-Guide helps Dr. Siegel place your dental implants in the right location, orientation, and depth. The X-Guide takes precise imaging directly from the CBCT, then uses this information to help Dr. Siegel navigate your mouth–it’s like GPS for placing dental implants. As a result, your implants will go into the location where there’s enough bone and the correct type of bone for each implant. Plus, it helps ensure the implants are oriented to work together with a dental restoration. This helps make the restoration more comfortable and functional. It can even help your restorations last longer.

NuCalm Drug-Free Relaxation

Dental anxiety is common. Many dentists offer sedation to help people overcome their fear of getting the dental care they want and need. However, sedation comes with side effects and risks. 

NuCalm lets you get relaxed without any drugs. Instead, this technique uses advanced neuroscience to put your brain in a state adjacent to sleep. It’s like the moment before you drift off, where you feel floating and unconcerned with the world. Time passes quickly, and you can’t focus on specific thoughts–ideas just drift through your mind. 

Instead of leaving a dental appointment stressed or drugged out, you’ll leave it energized and invigorated, similar to what the most practiced gurus get from deep meditation.

Hard Tissue Laser

Speaking of dental anxiety, one of the most common complaints people have is the dental drill. The sound, the pressure, the vibration–even the smell is anxiety-inducing. 

A hard tissue laser lets us avoid the dental drill. Instead, the laser enables us to make precise cuts for removing tooth decay when placing a filling or shaping a tooth to support a dental crown. Laser dentistry makes many dental procedures more comfortable and convenient.

Comfort Control Syringe

Another source of dental anxiety is getting an anesthesia injection. In the past, these could be very painful. However, our comfort control syringe lets us give painless injections that help you get numb quickly.

Velscope Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is affecting more people without known risk factors than ever, including a rise in younger people developing tumors. VELscope lets us shine a special light that makes cancerous and precancerous tissues glow so we can quickly and easily detect suspicious tissues, and you can get them checked out before they become dangerous tumors.

K7 System for TMJ Evaluation

Temporomandibular joint disorders (called TMJ or TMD) can be disruptive to your life with symptoms like jaw pain, headaches, bite problems, broken teeth, and more. TMJ is also commonly undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, which means you keep suffering the symptoms with no hope for relief. 

Our K7 system gives us the tools to take detailed measurements of your jaw movements, muscle tension, and jaw sounds to identify your TMJ. Then, we can start TMJ treatment to get you relief.

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