The Royal Pains of Sleep Apnea

Royal Pains is one of my favorite TV shows. Evan R. Lawson is the CFO of Hankmed, a concierge medicine practice in the Hamptons. His brother, Hank, is the physician. This weeks episode had some dental relevance. It seems that Evan’s girlfriend snores. They tried many things to stop the snoring, including a tennis ball sewed to her clothing so that she couldn’t sleep on her back. . They also tried buying a CPAP on the internet. People with Sleep Apnea stop breathing periodically during the night. They also thought of trying surgery, which has a limited success rate. Some of the things they tried were not very factual, however, the number one thing that should have been done first was to have her take a sleep study to rule out Sleep Apnea. This should be the number one thing that is done before any treatment is done. Sleep Apnea can be deadly and needs to be ruled out when someone snores. People with Sleep Apnea actually stop breathing during the night. If they were just treating the snoring, and she had Sleep Apnea, she could very well die from not being treated properly. The other thing that was never even considered was to have a dentist make an oral sleep apnea appliance for her like this one: An oral sleep apnea appliance works to move your lower jaw forward to open your airway and move your tongue out of the way. Oral appliances are especially effective in treating snoring, and mild to moderate sleep apnea. If you or someone you know snores it is very important to have a sleep study done to rule out the possibility of Sleep Apnea. You can contact our office if you suspect that you have apnea, or if you are snoring. We will then make the proper recommendations for you to be treated properly.]]>