Same-Day Crowns in Blue Bell

Same-Day Crowns in Blue Bell

Dr. Siegel designs same-day crowns using his E4D’s design software.

You can get beautiful, durable crowns in a single office visit thanks to Dr. Siegel’s high-tech E4D digital crown manufacturing system.

With his E4D, Dr. Siegel is able to scan your teeth and design, create and place a high-quality dental crown all in a single office visit. This means you won’t have to wear a temporary crown, come back for a second appointment and get numbed all over again. With same-day crowns, there’s also less sensitivity after crown placement because there isn’t the inflammation that results from placing and then removing a temporary crown.


One-Visit Procedure

Dr. Siegel first captures detailed digital data of your teeth using E4D’s Planmeca Emerald digital scanner. Because the scanning is entirely digital, you will not have to endure any of the goopy impression material that has traditionally been used to create impressions of teeth. This makes the process of taking an impression much easier and far more comfortable for you.

The scan data is sent into the E4D’s design software and Dr. Siegel is then able to design a new crown that fits precisely and removes the possibility of there being any small gaps that bacteria can lodge within.


Durable & Lifelike Solid Porcelain Crowns

Your new crown will be milled from a solid block of e.max® porcelain. E.max porcelain is very lifelike and results in an aesthetic and natural-looking tooth. And, because they are created from a single block, the new crowns are incredibly strong and long lasting.

While not every new crown that Dr. Siegel creates in his office can be done in one visit, the ones that can’t are still done and ready to place very quickly—usually in just a day or two.

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