Sleep Apnea Therapy Has No End

Sleep Apnea Therapy Is Required Each NightWhenever a sleep apneic is sleeping, therapy should be readily available and used. No matter if you’re away from home on vacation or changing your sleep schedule due to a new job, therapy should be used whenever you are sleeping. Once you are fitted with an effective sleep apnea therapy, treatment should remain constant and should not be stopped or changed unless you are directed to do so. Treatment is needed whenever you sleep so that sleep apnea symptoms can be kept at bay and so that you are able to sleep without interruptions that cause your heart, brain, and other internal organs to function irregularly and under increased stress. While sleep apneics may stop treatment for various reasons, don’t let a failed treatment stop you from taking control of your sleep apnea. Studies have shown that some patients are CPAP-intolerant, despite the fact that the treatment is widely praised and has become the gold standard in treating sleep apnea. Some patients may think that CPAP-intolerance isn’t normal and that seeking a better treatment is useless. However, with the help of Dr. Siegel, finding the right sleep apnea therapy for you is a reachable goal. CPAP-intolerance isn’t rare nor is it the end all to sleep apnea treatment. Instead, working with Dr. Siegel will allow you to find an alternative sleep apnea therapy, such as oral appliance therapy, that too has proven to keep sleep apneics safe at night. Contact our office today for a sleep apnea treatment consultation.]]>