Smile Makeovers in Blue Bell

Smile Makeovers in Blue Bell

Dr. Siegel has 25 years of experience creating attractive, confidence-building new smiles for his patients.

Are you embarrassed to smile? Do you feel self-conscious when talking? Experienced cosmetic dentist Dr. Ken Siegel has the artistic skills and high-tech tools to give you the smile you’ve always wanted with a smile makeover.

A smile makeover can dramatically improve your appearance. Your smile is usually the first thing someone notices about you, and having a straight, aesthetic smile and white teeth can make you look younger and healthier. It can also provide you with a big boost in self-confidence.

Skilled Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Siegel received smile design training at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies where he earned the title of Master Aesthetic Dentist. He has been performing cosmetic treatments for 25 years and has created beautiful, natural smiles for thousands of patients. He can do the same for you.


Creating an Attractive New Smile

You are unique and require individualized care to receive the smile you want. Dr. Siegel will listen to you and discuss with you your goals for your smile. You will be able to review pictures with him of other cosmetic cases to determine what you want your teeth to look like. Dr. Siegel will then create a custom treatment plan tailored to meet your specific goals and needs.

Dr. Siegel will take impressions of your teeth and have a model made with the changes sculpted in wax for you to review. For some treatments, he creates a temporary version of the changes that you can wear to make sure you like how everything looks and feels. Dr. Siegel will make sure you are completely satisfied before completing your cosmetic treatment.


Callie went from having small and decayed teeth to a beautiful new smile thanks to Dr. Siegel.


Gabby received porcelain veneers and new implant-supported teeth to give her a more attractive smile.


Yvonne’s teeth were crowded and unevenly sized before Dr. Siegel corrected these issues with veneers.

Tools Dr. Siegel Uses to Transform a Smile

Minimal-Prep Porcelain Veneers

Veneers can quickly remedy many cosmetic issues, including teeth that are mildly crooked, gapped, chipped, misshapen or discolored. Click here for more information.

DENTAL Bonding

Dr. Siegel repairs minor imperfections and repairs tooth structure with dental bonding.


Implants are the modern solution for tooth replacement. Click here for more information.

Tooth-colored Fillings

Dr. Siegel can replace your old metal fillings with aesthetic, tooth-colored ones.

Same-day crowns

For teeth that need cosmetic improvement as well as structural repair, Dr. Siegel can create and place a crown in a single office visit using his E4D® system. Click here for more information.

Laser Gum Recontouring

Dr. Siegel can use a dental laser to correct your gummy smile or uneven gumline.

Adult Teeth Straightening

If you want straighter teeth without getting traditional braces, Dr. Siegel can help with Six Month Smiles® or ClearCorrect. Click here for more information.

Teeth Whitening

Dr. Siegel provides professional-strength teeth whitening in his office and with take-home kits.

Top-Quality Dental Labs & Materials for the Best Outcome

Your final tooth restorations will be made of high-quality materials by a trusted, top-notch dental lab for beautiful results. After receiving the restorations from the lab, Dr. Siegel makes any final adjustments until everything looks perfect. He ensures every patient is completely satisfied with their new smile at the end of treatment.


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