Blue Bell Teeth Cleaning & Checkups

Gentle Dental To Keep Your Teeth

The Comfort Control Syringe is computer-controlled, for pain-free injections.

Dr. Siegel uses computer-aided injections to make sure that they are pain-free.

When you come into our Blue Bell office for a check-up or a teeth cleaning, you will find that we care about our patients and make them feel comfortable. We listen to you and explain our procedures, keeping you at ease at all times. There’s no need to be afraid of the dentist at our office.

We use the latest technology to provide a comfortable, gentle and painless experience and to give you accurate, quality work.

Gentle Teeth Cleanings, Gum Treatment, and Fillings

You will find that our teeth cleaning, gum treatments and tooth-colored fillings are high-tech, comfortable and thorough, to make sure that you can keep your teeth healthy and strong for a beautiful, natural smile.

For gum disease, our hygienists use special tools to clean out pockets of bacteria and plaque, and PerioProtect medicated trays to ensure that gum disease doesn’t come back.

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Patient Testimonial

“I appreciate the care that I received over a holiday weekend when I developed an urgent need. The root canal was painless and I didn’t even feel the Novocaine injection. All is well.”


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Thorough, Gentle Teeth Cleaning


Our dental hygienist is gentle, experienced and thorough. Here is what some of our patients have to say!

Proper cleaning of the teeth can prevent a host of dental and medical problems. Professional cleaning is essential not only for the health of your teeth but also for your general well-being.

Our knowledgeable dental hygienists can also give you tips on how to care for your teeth at home in-between visits.

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Gentle, Effective Gum Treatment

By using advanced technology, we can treat gum disease gently and accurately. Using the Diode Laser Wand, our experienced hygienists use a tiny laser to loosen and remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria, painlessly.

In addition to the Diode Laser, our hygienists use the advanced PerioProtect system, to directly apply antibiotics to your gums.

Finally, when patients need a deep-cleaning, we use an ultrasonic wand that cleans your gums gently, removing even difficult to reach bacteria.

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Tooth-Colored, Pain-Free Fillings

Hydroabrasion painlessly removes tooth decay.

When patients need fillings, Dr. Siegel will use hydro abrasion to remove the cavity, a painless method of treatment that involves no drilling and no injections. Using a special tool, he directs a thin, high-speed stream of water and air-blown microscopic particles that will gently remove decay from your tooth.

For larger or more complicated fillings, Dr. Siegel will first numb the area with a painless computer-aided Comfort Syringe injection.

We fill the cavity is with a tooth-colored composite that will perfectly match your natural teeth. No more silver and black fillings like you got on the old days.

If the cavity is larger, the doctor may use an inlay or onlay, a porcelain restoration that will cover the cavity or a porcelain crown. All can be perfectly crafted for you in the same visit using advanced CEREC technology.

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Patient Testimonial

“I wish I had known of their services long ago.

My experience with the procedures and staff at Dental Excellence was impeccable. My expectations were exceeded. As a result of their work, I met a beautiful woman, who will hopefully become my future wife. I recommend their services and professionalism to all of my friends. The technology used was incredible.

I always had a fear of the dentist which resulted in my mouth being neglected. I wish I had known of their services long ago. I’m now excited about my visits because I know my mouth and teeth will feel better and look incredible! I thank Dr. Siegel and his staff for their exceptional skills, knowledge, and professionalism!”

—Matthew Henkel

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