Dramatic One-Hour Teeth Whitening with Zoom!

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The Zoom! In-Office Teeth Whitening System is a revolutionary teeth whitening procedure that can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile in about an hour.

Zoom! Whitening can help if you want significantly whiter teeth today. Take-home whitening trays take days, even weeks to get results. If you are busy or want your teeth whiter for an upcoming event, Zoom! is perfect for you. And it can be combined with take-home trays to maintain and improve results over time.

How Does Zoom! Teeth Whitening Work?

The Zoom! teeth whitening procedure is simple and painless. First, we will place dams and blocks to keep the whitening gel off your gums, lips, and cheeks. Then we apply the specially-developed Zoom! Whitening Gel to your teeth. A special light is used to encourage the reaction between the gel and staining compounds. Once the whitening compound wears out, it is removed and new gel is applied. We typically use three applications per session.

The Zoom! light-activated gel is a scientifically formulated, pH balanced peroxide compound that penetrates the teeth and breaks down organic staining compounds. The Zoom! light gives additional energy to the reaction, and can reactivate some of the spent peroxide to increase the effectiveness of whitening.

Studies have shown your teeth may become six to ten shades whiter, although results depend on the type of staining.

Teeth Bleaching with the Kör Deep Bleaching System

There are some things in life that we just cannot control. While we can practice proper oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing, on a daily basis to ensure that our teeth stay as bright and white as possible, our teeth naturally experience discoloration as we age. Have you found that your teeth are a few shades off from the white color that you’d prefer to have? If you live in the Philadelphia area and want to improve your smile with teeth bleaching, you can count on Dr. Siegel to give you the whitest and brightest smile you’ve ever had. After bleaching your teeth using the Kör Whitening Deep Bleaching System™ you’ll find that your smile is a brilliant, attractive white. Your discoloration and any existing stains on your teeth such as those due to tetracycline will be long.

Kör – Putting the Dazzle Back into Your Smile

After undergoing Kör Deep Bleaching, patients will find their smiles to be up to 16 shades lighter than they were pre-treatment. Of course, results will vary per patient, though almost every patient experiences results that are no less than stunning.

Tooth bleaching with Kör Deep Bleaching is able to provide such drastic yet natural results because of the oxygen that is in the system’s bleaching gel. The oxygen is absorbed by the teeth, even in the deepest layers of it, allows for stain molecules to be dissolved, thereby leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile.

Why Kör For Teeth Bleaching?

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Even though there are plenty of other types of teeth bleaching systems available today, Kör Deep Bleaching has become one of the most widely used methods today. Kör has proven to provide patients with a whiter smile that is natural and healthy-looking without some of the side effects such as sensitivity that can result from other systems. In fact, it can even be used for patients who have sensitive gums and teeth. Using Kör Deep Bleaching, patients don’t have to give up the things they love in life – red wine, coffee, and tea are all still on the menu. The best part? Our deep tooth bleaching system provides permanent, lasting whitening results that will leave you smiling for years to come. All it takes to maintain your white smile is at-home maintenance.

GLO Teeth Whitening

We are also proud to introduce new GLO teeth whitening. This new approach to teeth whitening is so easy and convenient you can use it at home, but so powerful and effective, we use it in the office. GLO offers many benefits for teeth whitening patients:

  • Takes only 32 minutes
  • No sensitivity
  • Whiten twice a year
  • Periodic maintenance to keep teeth forever white
  • Easy to use
  • Takes only 32 minutes
  • No sensitivity
  • Whiten twice a year
  • Periodic maintenance to keep teeth forever white
  • Easy to use

GLO whitening is the product of many scientific advances. The researchers at GLO science looked at the advancements made in whitening technology and moved a step further. While previous office treatments took an hour, GLO Science has cut that time in half! Part of the secret is that GLO uses both light and heat to activate the whitening gel, improving its function significantly.  And while about 30% of people reported sensitivity with other whitening treatments, 0%  of people reported sensitivity in a clinical trial with GLO. It only takes two GLO treatments a year, along with periodic at-home maintenance to keep your teeth white all the time. Plus, GLO has been designed so it’s easy to use. You can even whiten your teeth while you’re at home, working around the house, exercising, or doing other activities.

The advancements of GLO teeth whitening give it a significant advantage over other whitening approaches. We know it’s going to be the new standard of whitening.

Questions about Teeth Whitening

As you mentioned, drinking coffee and smoking can make your teeth turn yellow. Other foods and drinks can also cause your teeth to become discolored, including red wine, black tea, soda, and berries. Certain medications can also cause teeth to darken. Your teeth are partially porous, and they can absorb the pigments and colors contained in these things. While I am sure it isn’t a factor in your case, people’s teeth also darken as they age.

I would recommend you come in for a professional tooth whitening treatment, Tony. I use a ten percent bleaching solution to help whiten your teeth, which has been clinically proven to be safe. Normally this tooth bleaching treatment is effective for around six months.

Some of the gels used for tooth bleaching may cause tooth sensitivity. Others include a sensitivity preventative ingredient in the gel. In either case, I recommend a toothpaste like Sensodyne for use after the tooth whitening process.

While every patient is different, tooth bleaching is normally accomplished in one office visit. Or we can utilize the recent development of GLO whitening, which combines the power of an in-office treatment with the ease of an at-home system. Once you get an initial treatment, you can take home the whitening kit, including a special portable whitening light. That way, you can maintain your results. And it only takes about as much time as the average commute in the Philadelphia area: 32 minutes!

The tooth whitening solution is safe for porcelain veneers and fillings as well.

Tooth bleaching is safe and effective for patients of any age, and it will permanently lighten their teeth. While all patients will need to follow up treatments, the effects of whitening are lasting. This is not always true of the over-the-counter treatments that you find in your local grocery store. These treatments are not custom-fitted to your teeth, and the whitening solution is not able to make contact with the teeth as effectively. If your daughter is determined to use these products, instruct her to ensure that her teeth are dry when she uses them. Saliva can counteract the tooth-bleaching agents.

Celebrities are endorsing a home kit that includes a whitening light, but we think that the system is not as good as the new GLO whitening kit. We encourage you to consider your options and make sure you’re choosing the safest, most effective option out there.

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