patient of Dr. Siegel showing off her smile

“I have been a patient of Dr. Siegel’s for over 30 years and have received everything from regular hygiene to veneers to dental implants. Dr. Siegel and his staff have always taken great care of me as well as all members of my family. He and his staff are friendly, professional and caring, and they stay up on the latest training and technology to keep pace with all aspects of dental care.

“Thanks to Dr. Siegel, I love my teeth and how they look. My teeth have definitely given me more confidence when I smile, and I get compliments on them all the time!”

—Jacqueline, implants, veneers and crowns

patient of Dr. Siegel showing off her smile

“I appreciate Dr. Siegel’s excellent work and competent staff. Everyone is kind and thorough. Dr. Siegel has a kind chairside manner. I am thrilled with my healthy and happy new smile.”

—Sharon, veneers

patient of Dr. Siegel showing off his smile

“Prior to coming to Dr. Siegel, I had lots of gum problems, gaps between my teeth, very yellow teeth and quite a few fillings that required replacement.

“Dr. Siegel placed crowns that look very realistic. People are routinely surprised when I tell them that they are not my original teeth.

“Skill-wise, Dr. Siegel is the best dentist in the area. He’s also very devoted to giving the best service. He also has good partnerships with excellent periodontic and endodontic specialists when that type of work is needed. This has been extremely helpful in saving and restoring my teeth. They have definitely saved a few diseased teeth for me.

“His practice has a dedicated and professional staff. They’re friendly and make every effort to ensure that the dental work is solid and consistent. They also make sure you’re happy with your results.

“Dr. Siegel has made my teeth look and function better. My teeth and gums are a lot healthier now and food doesn’t get lodged in my teeth any more.”

—Tony, root canals, implants and crowns

patient of Dr. Siegel showing off his smile

“I am thoroughly satisfied with the treatment and restorative work I’ve received at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell. Dr. Siegel is competent and experienced. He has a good chairside manner and does quality work. His staff is friendly, conscientious and helpful. My teeth were deteriorating and in need of major work. Now my teeth are straight and beautiful, and I smile more!”

—Bill, full-mouth reconstruction

patient of Dr. Siegel showing off her smile

“My jaw had been knocked out of place in a 2010 car accident, and I suffered with TMJ problems for nine years after. My jaw, face, teeth and head hurt 24/7.

“Dr. Siegel was the first dentist I saw who noticed and actually paid attention to my concerns. He made me a custom orthotic to wear 20 hours a day, and it has improved my pain significantly. My migraines have also significantly decreased. I am so thankful to Dr. Siegel and his wonderful, friendly staff for improving my quality of life.”

—Vera, TMJ treatment

patient of Dr. Siegel showing off her smile

“I came to Dr. Siegel to have most of my teeth crowned to fix my bite. I was put at ease immediately and cared for thoughtfully. Dr. Siegel is welcoming, personable and professional. He and his and staff are knowledgeable and helpful, and they were very attentive to all my needs throughout my visits.

“I actually enjoy going to the dentist when I go to Dr. Siegel’s office! The waiting area is comfy and has beverages available. The exam rooms are sparkling clean and pleasant.

“An unexpected benefit of my treatment was that now I have gorgeous teeth! My smile went from ‘fair’ to ‘dazzling’ with my new crowns that look great and fit perfectly.”

—Janet, crowns

patient of Dr. Siegel showing off his smile

“I’ve known Dr. Siegel for three decades. Over that time, he has taken care of me through all of my dental issues and done his best to keep me healthy. I especially appreciate his concern and successful application of pain-free treatments.

“Throughout the years, Dr. Siegel has always been patient and looked out for my best interest. When it was time for me to get implants, I went with him. He is very knowledgeable and was great about explaining implants to me.

“I have come to find the staff, some of whom I have known almost as long as Dr. Siegel, to be part of an extended family that I look forward to seeing and talking to. They keep me in good spirits. For maintenance, his technicians have been just as knowledgeable and caring for my issues and needs as Dr. Siegel has.

“The staff is always friendly and willing to work with me. They try to schedule me in when I need help and are very tolerant and patient when my personal schedule means I need to change when I can come in. Dr. Siegel is always willing to put in the extra time when it’s needed. If I have an emergency, he can always find a few minutes for me.

“I was not good to my teeth. Some teeth had different colors to them. Dr. Siegel did a great job cleaning up the way I look and gave me a better understanding of how to take care of myself. Now I have a wonderful smile, great confidence, improved health and, best of all, no pain.”

—Phil, root canals, implants, veneers, crowns and fillings

patient of Dr. Siegel showing off her smile

“The entire staff at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell is courteous and genuinely friendly. They do a great job of making going to the dentist a comfortable experience. Dr. Siegel and his staff are very empathetic to my fear of pain and go to great lengths to ensure my comfort level.

“Since getting my dental implants from Dr. Siegel, everyone tells me I have a great smile!”

—Wynn, implants, crowns and bridges

patient of Dr. Siegel showing off her smile

“My teeth were very crooked. After getting Six Month Smiles® with Dr. Siegel, my teeth are straighter, I have more self-confidence and everyone loves my smile.

“The office team is exceptional, and Dr. Siegel is kind, talented, patient and excellent. I highly recommend him.”

—Bobbie, Six Month Smiles