Are Your Chronic Headaches Actually TMD Headaches?

Everyone gets the occasional headache; however, when they become chronic, an underlying problem may be the cause. If you’re enduring consistent bouts with headaches or migraines, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) could be the reason why.

What Causes Severe Headaches & Migraines

headaches and migraines can ruin your dayMigraines can be caused by a variety of things, and when you add in severe headaches to the mix, the list of migraine causes can be quite lengthy. Many of the causes have their roots in the muscles and blood vessels in the head and neck.

Often, Philadelphia patients believe they are suffering from migraines when they are actually experiencing symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. In turn, they attempt to relieve their symptoms by taking medications that only mask the pain. When migraine-like headaches stem from TMJ disorder, patients require a treatment that works by correcting the root cause of the problem: a bad or misaligned bite. Dr. Siegel offers relief for patients who suffer from TMJ-related migraines in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas by providing treatments that go beyond mere symptoms and address the actual source of the problem within the temporomandibular joint. To learn more, please call 610-272-0282 or contact our Blue Bell dental office.

How TMD Causes Headaches

TMJ disorder creates an imbalance within the bite which causes a host of debilitating symptoms, such as jaw pain, facial tenderness, jaw clicking, tinnitus and, of course, headaches. Because the entire TMJ system is physically connected to our spine, neck, and skull, it can have a profound effect on the rest of our bodies. In response to an imbalance within the jaw joint, our bodies begin to compensate to pull the joint into a more comfortable position. This creates a snowball effect that puts a strain on everything from blood vessels to nerves to muscles and other joints within the body. Over time, this strain may manifest itself as chronic headaches, which become so severe, they resemble migraines. If you’ve noticed that your headaches are paired with common TMD symptoms, there’s good reason to suspect that a bad bite is causing your problems.

Getting Headache Help – Treatment at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell

If you’re tired of enduring endless headaches, it’s time to visit an experienced neuromuscular dentist in Philadelphia, such as Dr. Siegel. By examining your jaw and bite, Dr. Siegel can leading dentists badgedetermine whether or not your headache issues are related to temporomandibular joint disorder. He can then provide an effective treatment that will eliminate all of your TMD symptoms; so you can live a happy, full life free from chronic migraine-like headaches. Call us today at 610-272-0282 or request an appointment online.