TMJ Treatment in Blue Bell

TMJ Treatment in Blue Bell

An improperly functioning or misaligned jaw joint (TMJ) can cause chronic headaches, migraines, difficulty sleeping, teeth grinding (which can lead to other dental problems) and other painful issues. Dr. Siegel is specially trained in neuromuscular dentistry and effectively diagnoses and treats TMJ disorders.


High-Tech Diagnosis

Dr. Siegel uses state-of-the-art technology to determine the cause of your TMJ issues, including his K7 Evaluation System and 3D CT scanner, the latter enabling him to see your jaw position from all angles. He can determine the trigger points where your pain is coming from and establish how to make your bite comfortable.


Effective Treatment

After determining the cause of your problem, Dr. Siegel will recommend appropriate treatment to correct the issue. This often includes the use of a removable dental orthotic appliance (pictured right) to put your jaw into its properly aligned position, help your jaw to relax and prevent you from grinding your teeth. He may also use his J5 Dental TENS unit to provide jaw muscle relaxation and increase your blood circulation. Dr. Siegel can also use laser therapy to make your muscles more comfortable.


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