The Bite Splint AKA a Neuromuscular Orthotic

The bite splint is probably the most commonly used TMJ therapy method as it has proven to work for a large amount of TMJ patients when they are both at rest. When your teeth and bite are at rest they are in the most ideal position as the jaw aligns balance properly. To train your mouth, teeth, and jaw to fall into this position, we will fit you with a neuromuscular appliance that will retrain the muscle within the jaw to close into the newly found position. Some patients, over time, are able to use the bite splint less and less. Some of Dr. Siegel’s patients only wear it at night time; of course, the amount of weaning off of the bite splint that you are able to do will differ when compared to another patient with TMJ.

Before we fit you with a bite splint, Dr. Siegel will take meticulous full-mouth impressions of both your bite and teeth to figure out exactly where your jaw’s ideal location and position is. With these impressions and measurements, a bite splint can be created. The bite splint is similar to a mouth guard in shape and design and most patients adapt well to using it!

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

The TENS system is a widely used method of treating TMJ Disorder. The great thing about TENS is that it is a quick, easy, and in-and-out procedure that provides almost instant relief. Overall the procedure takes no longer than 45 minutes!

If you suffer from neck pain, facial pain, jaw pain, and other symptoms, the TENS can be used to provide you with the relief you need. The TENS system uses electrical nerve stimulation that is able to send pulses to relax the nerves as well as to stop natural pain impulses that are sent to the brain from the body. The TENS is even able to activate the natural pain suppressing hormones housed inside of our bodies.

MLS Laser Therapy

The MLS laser is an effective way to help your body heal itself from TMJ. Through the precise use of stimulating wavelengths, the MLS can improve the flow of blood in the treated area, help the blood release oxygen, and help the cells utilize energy more efficiently. It is very effective at controlling inflammation. Inflammation is part of the body’s healing process, but sometimes it can get out of control, and then it becomes a problem. By reducing inflammation, MLS laser therapy reduces future irritation that can interfere with healing.

MLS laser therapy can also provide relief, especially from muscle pain, which is the most common source of discomfort in TMJ. And with the literally laser-focused nature of the treatment, we can precisely target the treatment area to reduce undesired side effects.

TMJ Therapy with Dr. Siegel

Since there is no one true way to fix a TMJ problem for all patients, dentists, including Dr. Siegel, offer a variety of treatment methods that can be used to keep the jaw joint in its proper alignment so that patients are no longer suffering from uncomfortable and painful symptoms on a routine basis. If you are ready to try TMJ therapy to properly treat your condition come to Dr. Siegel! Scheduling an appointment is quick and easy. Just contact us online or call us at (610) 272-0828.