White Fillings in Philadelphia

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Dr. Siegel is an experienced dentist, and has filled thousands of cavities. With his expert eye and vast experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry, he can make your cavities disappear by using a tooth-colored filling compound that is custom-blended to match the exact shade of your natural teeth. Once set, the filling compound is virtually undetectable and 100% mercury free.

Painless Fillings

If fillings are needed, Dr. Siegel will first numb the area with a numbing gel or an injection that you will hardly notice. Some shallow fillings can be done without any anesthetic at all. Then the cavity is filled with a tooth-colored composite that will perfectly match your natural teeth. No more silver and black fillings like you got on the old days. If the cavity is larger, the doctor may use an inlay or onlay, a porcelain restoration that will cover the cavity.

Gentle, “Drill-free” Cavity Repair with Hydroabrasion

For smaller cavities, Dr. Siegel uses a painless method of repair known as hydroabrasion. This alternative to drilling uses a high-speed stream of water and air-blown abrasives to gently essentially polish away small amounts of decay.

The technique is so gentle that it can be done without anesthetic. There’s no heat or vibration, and none of the noise of the drill that makes some people nervous. This means there’s no risk of microfractures caused by drilling that can be problematic later. As the water contacts your tooth, it may make it feel cool, but you won’t feel pain unless you are very sensitive to temperature change. The water, tooth particles, and aluminum oxide used as a polish are removed by a suction hose. Aluminum oxide is a common, inert, compound. It’s found in toothpaste, among other things, and is safe if you accidentally swallow some.

This system works best on small cavities, and its precision means we can remove only what’s necessary. Once the decay is removed, we will place a tooth-colored filling that can be easily shaped to fill the space.

Replacing Old Amalgam or “Silver” Fillings With White Fillings

Many people are concerned about their old fillings and are having them replaced. Dr. Siegel can remove and replace your old amalgam of “silver’ fillings with inlays and onlays, restoring your teeth to their natural beauty. Besides being an undetectable tooth-color, the composite filling material is far superior to the old amalgam fillings. The final result is as strong as the natural tooth.

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