What Do You Do If You Break A Tooth?

Getting To The Root Of The ProblemIf enough enamel is broken off, the dentin could become exposed which leads to tooth sensitivity.The worst type of break to suffer from is one that causes the tooth to bleed which more than likely indicates that the break impacted the pulp. In this case, call your dentist ASAP. When the pulp is affected, the nerve tissue within your teeth can become infected. It’s important to wash your mouth using water and to use a cold compress in order to reduce swelling and ease the pain. The safest move in this case is seeking help from your dentist so that your oral health is not impacted and so that the infection does not spread. When it comes to broken teeth, sometimes replacing the enamel with dental bonding is best fix, however some patients may require a root canal and to have a dental crown and to be permanently placed on the tooth. Others may need a dental implant if the tooth is severely damaged and cannot be repair. If you have a broken tooth, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Dr. Siegel. He will be able to take the necessary steps in order to try to save your tooth and to protect your oral health. Contact us now!]]>